Q: I have an idea of what I want but am not sure if it will be achievable in my garden?

A: No problem. We will be happy to come out and talk through your plans at no cost to you. We will listen to what you want and come up with a plan as to how you can achieve it.


Q: I have a small budget but still need help with my garden?

A: We can work within your budget. For us no job is too small. Call us and let us come out and see what projects you have in mind.


Q: My garden has not been touched in years, I don’t know where to start?

A: Garden makeovers are a specialty of ours. You’d be surprised what a difference a bit of pruning, mowing and weeding can make. If it’s a complete overhaul you want – we can do that too. Best thing is to call us so we can see the garden and give you options and ideas.

Q: I don’t have time to mow the grass and don’t have the equipment to upkeep my garden. I need help.

A: This would be a job for our maintenance team. They are fully equipped and fully insured and can do as little as simply mow your lawn, or they can give you a full ongoing maintenance plan that will keep the entire garden in great condition year round.

Q: I want to build a patio but don’t know what kind of stone to use or where to site it?

A: We have experience laying patios of all shapes, sizes and materials. We can take a look at the options for laying the patio and make it work wherever you decide you want it. Leave the levelling and drainage to us. We will show you stone samples and let you decide what you prefer. We can show you a portfolio of pictures so if you’re having trouble making up your mind, you can see what others have done in houses similar to yours.

Q: I have a small garden and don’t get a lot of sunlight. Will I be able to have a lawn?

A: Making sure your grass will grow no matter what the type of climate depends on the type of lawn you lay. Some types of turf are more resilient and need less sun than others. We can advise you on that and make sure whatever is planted will endure the conditions.


Q: My children play constantly in the garden and it ruins the grass. I don’t want to stop them playing outside but at the same time I want my lawn to look good.

A: An option that some of our customers have taken in this situation is to lay an area of artificial turf. It looks great and has a similar feel to grass but won’t show the same signs of wear and tear. The kids won’t know the difference – but you will!

Q: Our house sits right on the main road and feels exposed to the traffic. I feel like I need some kind of barrier but I’m not sure what?

A: There are many options to solve the problem you have. We can advise you what would work best for the style of house you have, the space you have to work with and the desired final effect you are looking for. Walls can be put up quicker than a hedge can be grown and they are both excellent for creating a degree of privacy and helping with the reduction of traffic noise. There are main different styles of brickwork and finishes that can improve the appearance of your front garden as well as shield you from the road. Give us a call for a free quote with no obligation.